Mind Full of Anthi

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Mind Full of Anthi – Since She Welcomed Me to Greece

From across the room left derelict in my mind
Survive and multiply my Anthi memories
They may appear categorically aligned
When attention is lost on their accessories
Mind full of Anthi since she welcomed me to Greece
I was looking for a Greek goddess in disguise
Meeting her at the Athens airport filled with peace
A river of love in my chest began to rise
Waterfall from right to left warm without the Sun
Silent longing for everlasting heart in hand
Aspiring without enough hope of being one
When life tends to include a strong restricting strand
I awake all alone from Mondays to Fridays
Always hoping it is Saturday or Sunday
Leaving with my entire being living ablaze
I step through each door as it feels forgone astray
From across the room no matter which I measure
A residual of her love for me persists
Yet it is invisible as every pleasure
Needing skin and sweat to ascertain it exists
She floats between my lungs when she lives her real life
As the hours we spend together rarely pass twelve
If happiness has to be always halved with knife
I will hold on to my painful poetry’s helve

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