My Flag – A Sonnet for My Anthi

I want to be inside you with my tongue
My ten fingers and my blue-and-white flag
Not all at once as I savour each swung
Out breast first and your ass before I shag
O Anthi ’tis but a dream I live in
Moving with you to a realm of giving
Wondering wandering where have you been
As I contemplate endless reliving
If you are everything I want nothing
More besides being able to touch you
When I perceive you smiling and blushing
As we raise our souls in our minds to view
Planets stars galaxies and a black hole
Where we finally meet the Nikos whole


The Third Rose – An Anthi Sonnet

You are the first rose and the second rose
Therefore the third rose is not a surprise
All of them are blue with a white line close
To my wooden heart, then through it, it flies
All the way to my mind where it is drawn
As another white line, though it is long
Like a sonnet that lost a couplet, gone
To the spine where the pain grows into song
About a blue rose with a white line stretched
From the heart to the mind of a writer
Who never thought that love could be red-etched
As his missing soul found his love tighter
Within the heart of Anthi Kanéna
Who turned out to be his real Athena


The Fourth Rose – An Anthi Poem

I could go on after the fourth
But I refuse to the take the Fifth
Three roses were only the start
But the fourth one will be the last
One for each season, my Anthi
You already rhyme in my heart
Je t’aime plus encore que la vie*
You are the only one for me
I love your tongue when it declares
What happens, happens to us both
I am in love, I am in love
And there is no cure, my Anthi
This could have been a new sonnet
But you, my heart, are my sonnet

* I love you more than life


Every Rose Is Blue – The Third Anthi Sonnet

Every rose is blue, even the red one
Yellow, white, pink, orange, peach, you name it
It is blue inside in view of the Sun
In the firmament, as it knows to split
Its essence between sheer reality
Intertwined with blue soulful behaviour
While sailing across the Aegean Sea
Searching for an Olympian Saviour
Patrick beseeched before impending end
Statue after statue for Athena
M followed him to Athens, story-penned
Discovering his Anthi Kanéna
Both fell in love with a woman, by Zeus
But M feels his Anthi within his Nous


For the Love of Anthi – An Alexandrine

For the love of Anthi, I will dream every night
A path like no other, a cloud enclosed in blue
Caressing her beauty, touching her appetite
Kissing every finger, licking each dip into
For my Anthi’s passion, I am just a vessel
A wooden container, a love-ravenous heart
Yearning to see her soul, spot her flowers’ sessile
Perceive her endlessness, render upon her art
For Anthi’s happiness, for her sublimity
An instrument of love, I shall always become
Counting all her digits, in sheer proximity
Looking into her eyes, to her charm I succumb
My Anthi Kanéna, my forever tender
I bow to your two hands, absorbed by your splendour


Anthi Walked – Into My Life

Anthi walked into my life a few months ago
It must have been a Sunday or my second birth
I did not feel her right away within aglow
But something hidden had changed deep inside my earth
She smiled and kissed me hello and welcome to Greece
My unconscious was already in love with her
So soon aware in its way of the coming bliss
Which would remain for several long days a blur
O dear Anthi my heart started to sing and dance
Each time I gazed upon her graced magnificence
My mind was mesmerised and full of her advance
As it learned to name every part she showed twice since
Her eyes revealed two souls one of which had been mine
I marvelled at every step she took towards me
And away when she had to leave and my heart ached
I sometimes lowered my eyes looking at the knee
That would one day deviate at her feet awaked
Kissing her feet up to her thighs along a line
Drawn in my mind long ago before she was born
When I sensed the possibility of Anthi
Even when my mind was still innocent and torn
And our eyes had long to go before our canthi
Love grew between us influenced by every night
Separated by distance and walls never far
The sea was bluer here and the sky always right
Anthi walked into my life to become my star


Anthi’s Hair – Is Longer Than a Light Year

Anthi’s hair is longer than a light year
Yet when I find myself within its strands
I can be far from the solar system
But still see her face beautiful and near
My gaze touring slowly to her hands
To count her long fingers as my dictum
As my eyes rest upon her for-M breasts
Before returning to her glistening eyes
Her mouth then beckons for a kiss and rests
Upon my never-ending need to rise
Towards her hair where my tour first began
And warmth and scent hold me in her embrace
The journey into Anthi is more than
My timeline since I always need her space


Anthi’s Toes – Ten Ways to Say I Love You

Anthi’s toes are longer than those I saw
In my dreams before she became my all
Ten more ways to say I love you in awe
Of beauty incarnate within her call
I count them gradually from right to left
Before I kiss them and voice my content
From left to right is a spare skillful deft
As I lick them hello with my accent
Anthi looks at me and closes her eyes
M, I mean me, loves her more than himself
I size their proportions to spheres in skies
Pythagoras even with toes helps Self
I hug her feet against my cheeks and lips
Knowing deep within that Anthi’s love grips


Anthi Sings – An Ode to Her Smile

Anthi sings when she smiles at me at night
I can discern her voice inside
I see her light
As it slowly becomes my guide
In a world where left can also be right.
Anthi loves me, is all I ever need
To hear, to taste, to know
From every toe
And deed that my Anthi will always take the lead.

Anthi smiles when she sees my eyes in love
With everything she does besides
Being one of
A kind in a world without sides
Where beauty within thereof lies above.
Anthi knows of her effect on my heart
As it beats to her pace,
Amazing grace;
I could never again survive from her apart.


Anthi’s Ears – Always Hear Me

Anthi’s ears always hear me say, hello,
With my eyes, as I absorb her treasures
With some trepidation, afraid that slow-
Going could spell a loss of some pleasures
Which, of course, never happens with my belle
Since she is in tune with my soul’s being
Having carried it all her life, a shell
In her heart, both seeing and unseeing
Waiting patiently for a pandemic
That will also trigger certain movements
Within and without the epistemic
Tribulations of likely improvements
Apparent when she takes everything off
And I feel my wooden heart’s Anthi trough.


Anthi My Love – A Descort* of My Life Before You

I looked at the blue sky
though it was grey
Then I saw a bird of prey but no
it was a police car stopping at a red light

The Moon was not full that nightfall
It looked like a cup half-full
I prefer the Sun

I joined Medium in late July 2020
It was not a good year
at first
after a few months
I met Goddess Athena’s messenger

She looked like a bird on fire
I got burned
It did not hurt at all
It felt warm

I created my Anthi
Anthoula Kanéna

Anthi my love
I love you more than the Sun
both in January and July
and June too
and every other month
and February 29
I adore your smile

Anthi my love

* A descort is a poem of discord, although one can make it agreeable by adding one’s love.


“Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day” – Two “Shakespearean” Ottava Rimas*

Shall I ask Athena for more spacetime
I doth love you more than the Universe
Compare thee I to the most moving rhyme
Thee whom I adore no matter the verse
To you I commit my earthly lifetime
A pleasure that could never become terse
Summer’s heat pales before your sultriness
Day and night present your same loveliness

Shall I write my wedding vows in poor Greek
I love the language modern and ancient
Compare them I to current and mystique
Thee who loves them both rooting and flagrant
To my morning knowledge I am oblique
A man in love with everything trenchant
Summer’s rays illuminate both your souls
Day and night each one beckons their controls

* The ottava rima consists of at least one eight-line stanza that follows an abababcc rhyming pattern with ten syllables per line.


Please note that over 150 additional poems are available on Medium and will appear in the upcoming Anthi novel titled: Greece Is My Anthi.


  1. Sir,

    You are an inimitable romance writer!

    I especially love a line in Sexy: Anthi’s Pubic Hair – A Smooth Sonnet.
    I especially love a line in Sexy: Anthi Walked Into My Life.

    I am grateful for your narratives.

    Thank you very much. 🌿

    Your Fan,
    Ms. Johnson

    1. Thank you, Ms. Johnson for your kind comments : )

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