The Reason for Anthi

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The Reason for Anthi – Is Mythological

      The reason for Anthi is mythological, began an alexandrine before pursuing its path as a paragraph and then a piece of prose for the sole purpose of feeling freer, although freedom could not exist, except in dreams, both Leftist and Rightist. There were surely more than several reasons for Anthi, and for M as well, although they may have differed at first, when one was already alive, and the other, thousands of kilometres away and yet to be born.

      Life versus a future one; a battle against fate in case we could change it on a whim to a different life. Or is it the same life that simply takes a turn? Such bifurcations are often unnoticeable to the human mind in most instances, but selected others are too significant to ignore, even if they bathe in subjectivity. Objectivity can only rule in a perfect world, and yet nothing can be flawless. Life therefore only manifests subjectively.

      Particles from several transformed stars had their allegiances determined to eventually coalesce and become Anthi. It took billions of years and yet there was no such aim in the Cosmos, namely, to create Anthi, but it did so through lightyear strings of events. Flowers appeared before humans and then humans became flowers and flowery, Anthi and Anthoula. The reason for flowers was magnificence; for M, it was Anthi.

      If the reason for Anthi is also M, then the reason for M must be flowers as well. A sky-and-sea blue dress with a cloud white procession of circles and triangles in Pythagorean style slipping off from Anthi’s body with gravity to match her feet and kissed toes; all ten of them from big to small in a series of “You love me” again and again, with no room for even one “not”. M’s Anthi is loved through every stem.

      By Athena, standing tall in every wise heart and loving mind, shining through missing space and misty time, let there be an Anthi, alright, smiling forevermore before every rise and fall of the Sun and the Moon! Her hair wet with M’s tears, reaching her skin in each dream of an Athenian sky and a Greek sea. Her lips repeating a number of his words before she takes her tongue out as a sign of true love, voicing them to her Self.

      “I love you, my Anthi.”

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